Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Friday Night Lights

Here I am between Brett Cullen who plays Walt Riggins and Taylor Kitsch who plays Tim Riggins. Taylor was so easy going and nice. Super talented too.

The Friday Night Lights episode should air in January.

Allison Liddi Brown and Friday Night Lights

Here I am taking direction from an absolutely incredible director, Allison Liddi Brown. We are filming an episode for Friday Night Lights and we are in one of the local bowling lanes. As a director, this woman rocks! I mean it. She was very clear on what she wanted and gave everyone the room to do it. To say I was impressed, is an understatement. She also said some really good things about my acting (which she didn’t have too), which left me on cloud nine as I left the set.

A star on my trailer door.

from the set of Friday Night Lights

Here some more shots from the set.

Brett Cullen, Friday Night Lights

This is photo was taken when Brett Cullen and I were taking direction from Allison Liddi Brown. Brett is a very fine actor, who has been in a ton of stuff and I feel fortunate to have worked with him. He’s a fun guy and a very giving actor to work with. It doesn’t hurt that he’s an incredibly handsome guy either!
I found out that he has his own website.
Check it out @

Monday, December 11, 2006

Friday NIght Lights - thrilling and awesome!

I am now officially Anna on Friday Night Lights and today we shot my scene. It was great fun and the cast and crew are incredibly nice and giving. I’ll have some pictures to post soon. This is going to be short because after the excitement and intensity of shooting today, I still had to go grocery shopping, get dinner for all, pay the bills. I’m a little tired now and may have to skip the bills, but I just had to tell everyone, it was an excellent time and I’m ready to go again.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Night Lights!

Within hours after getting back home, my wonderful agent called me and told me about an audition for Friday Night Lights. The next day I auditioned and got the part.!

Today I auditioned for a SAG feature film and next week there’s something in the works as well.

I guess that 2 months waiting list of things to do, will have to wait a bit longer, while I get in some acting gigs.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

DVD players

After two weeks in Texas, mom had decided she’d had enough sitting around my place and we changed the flights to come back early to Florida. Originally, she was to stay until Christmas, but even in her grief, mom has get up and go, and she was ready to get up and leave. (Nothing personal she assured me)

I figured going back would be hard for my mom, so I made arrangements to fly back with her and stay for a few days. What I didn’t anticipate though, was how hard it would be for me.

Sunday would have been Dad’s birthday.

Mom and I needed a break and to get our heads into a different place, I turned to my favorite salve and tonic - films. Let’s watch some fun movies!

The true comedy came though, not in the movies, but in trying to get the damn DVD player to work! It was an obstinate machine, that I would have just as liked to stomp on. One night we pressed buttons on that remote control for almost an hour, before it finally played the film. On the last night, while trying to get “ELF” to play, something happened to the DVD player and suddenly everything was pink. After yet another hour of pressing buttons, our choices were to see it in, black and white, or pink. After watching for a few minutes, it became obvious that this particular movie in pink tones, is down right nauseating. We checked out our viewing options and ended up spending the evening watching “Elf,” huddled and cuddled around my laptop. We laughed more when it was in pink, but it was a good break. The next day we picked up a new DVD player. I’m thinking of signing her up with Netflix.

Now, I’m back in Austin. I’m 2 months behind in everything and I’m wearing one of my dad’s old sweaters.