Wednesday, October 10, 2007

delete the blog

I’ve been thinking about deleting this blog and I’m surprised at my reluctance. As I got close to the delete button, it felt like I was ending a long term relations ship. The kind where you go, - what was that about? How did I end up here? What do I do now?

It’s not like I want to stop this one because I’ve been eyeing another blog, as if there’s a secret blog fling going on or anything. Or that I have several blogs that I move around in. I guess I’m more of a monogamous blogger. But the idea though, to delete every thing - every picture, word, image and shared memory, feels more like I may not have really existed. O.K., obviously I exist to some degree. I exist to my friends, and family. But it’s still a really odd feeling. Both freeing and sad at the same time.