Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Can't await to get over this!!!

Since Sundance, I’ve been laying low and trying to breath. Really. I came down with pneumonia and of course, whenever I start to feel better, I over do it. So now I’m just weak and have a sinus infection, meaning I’m on my third round of antibiotics. Which is fine, but the inhalers, holy moly, you talk about crack for your lungs!  But I’m getting better! I just need to meter out my time. I can go out for several hours for errands (meeting with the editor, or pick up my kid from school) and then back home to sleep.
On the bright side, all this laying low has been great for getting some writing done!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SXSW and Spring Break Filmmaker/Parent Combo

As my Sundance induced cough gets better, I’ve been busy sending out my last short film, Static, to directors, writers and editor friends for feedback. Rough cut notes are essential when editing!! You get positive, insightful, constructive notes, on your unfinished film, that lets you know you are nowhere near done.
Stupid optimist - every time Editor Nancy and I work on the film, I always think “Yay!! Maybe two more weeks until picture lock!!”   Now I realize it could be closer to a month or more. Aargh!!! Fortunately there is nothing wrong with the film. The other filmmakers really like it, but it takes time to figure out how to incorporate their comments, and fine tune the footage. Gotta make this little film shine!

I’m also going to be attending SXSW this year! Usually the family and I take off that week because it’s Spring Break, but for various reasons, it’s not going to happen. So now I’m prepping for another huge film festival. It’s going to be jam packed with all kinds of really neat film seminars, films and mentorships.  I’ll be sure to blog about who and what, while I’m there.

With the boys being home during SXSW/Spring Break week, schedules and life in general, is going to be kinda hectic.  I want to make the most out of South By, but I also really want to spend time with the kids. So I’m thinking to tackle the mom/filmmaker combo, maybe I’ll skip SXSW for a day or two, and we’ll go Motox’ing  (I will try not to break anything!!), or maybe a water park.  Or better yet take them to some of the SXSW film and parties?!   O.K. maybe not -  Hey I’m just trying for a little balance here!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Sundance 2013 Recap

Taylor Thompson's pic of me on last day of Sundance 2013

I was hoping to do a “Wise Sage Wrap Up” post on what I learned from Sundance, but truthfully, I’m not sure I’ll ever have a handle on it.

A Few Things I Learned at Sundance 2013:

~ I’m more of an introvert than previously thought, but I used to be a social butterfly, and I just had to remember how to do it. 

~I didn’t merely go beyond my comfort zone: it was obliterated. By the end of Sundance, I could talk the talk, and walk the walk (and cough the cough!).

~Texas filmmakers are incredibly funny, sweet people!

~ I loved my Condo mates!! They are with out a doubt the coolest people on the planet. Because of them, I was very sorry to see the festival end.  Thanks to: Kat Candler, Corey Mitchell, Lauren Sanders, Taylor Thompson, Jonny Mars, Robin Schwartz and the occasional Aaron Marshall.

~ I loved working on Black Metal and supporting it at Sundance.  I’m so very proud of Kat Candler, Jonny Mars, and Kelly Williams for putting out an exceptional short film.

~Never get a new phone the day before you attend any festival!! I spent more time trying to figure it out, than actually using it  >:/

~Yen Tan’s film, Pit Stop, is an incredibly beautiful film. I’m sorry I was cut out of it, but I also see why. 

~ The Edelweiss Condo was super duper itsy bitsy teeny micro TINY!! but it was a great location. (I’m not complaining, I only shared my room with one, sometimes two people. Not 3 or 4!!)

~I’d like to thank the following people for helping me while I was at Sundance. You probably didn’t know it, but each one of you did something either incredibly nice, made me laugh, went out of your way to help me, encouraged me, have a wonderfulness about you, were there to support me, and/or believed in me in some way.     Big Thanks to: Sam, Austin and Joel Campbell, Lauri Randall, Dawn Bowyer, Trish Stoker, Joanna Langee, My Condo Mates!!, Marcus DeAnda, Alfred Cervantes,  Alan Berg, Kristen Johansen-Berg, HutcH, Don Swaynos, Richard Jones, Debbie Cerda, Farah White, Yen Tan, Anika Kunik, Sheryl Guterman, Jay Spain, Tina Theresa Rodriquez, and the super fun Vimeo Party.

~I will never be star struck, because I’ll never recognize celebrities in everyday life, or even remember their names.

~Try to get lots of sleep before going to Sundance - you’ll need it.

~ Nothing worth doing, is easy.

~ I can do anything.  Something I’ve always known, but I only half -believed.  Now I feel it like there is no other way.