Monday, September 12, 2011

Directing again :)

I'm happy to tell you that my short film Eulogy Maker is still going strong. And because of that, I'm now getting more requests to direct other people's material. A long time ago, a friend asked me to direct her short and I totally botched it. We never got to finalizing the script, but I ruined a lovely friendship and I've been hesitant to take on anyone else's material since. Living life means taking chances though, and so recently, when another friend of mine asked me to direct her short, I was ready to do it. And I'm really glad I did! I had a wonderful time, the cast and crew were super and I would gladly work with all of them again. They were such hard workers and the actors were delightfully talented!! It's a wonderful feeling when everything comes together on set.
Another thing that's really different with this project, is that I'm not involved with the editing or anything relating to post production. I know this is very different from how it's normally done, but can I tell you how fun it is to only work with actors and the Dp and not have any post production butterflies or stress? To let go is a very free feeling! I could get used to this :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

the new normal

It's September and I'm getting used to the new normal.
My oldest kid is away at college (and loving it) and my youngest is actually enjoying middle school. I know - wow! (there's no middle child, just oldest and youngest ;)
I've always held that a "parent is only as happy as their least happy kid." so when they're doing good, so am I.
As for films, the summer put a huge crimp in my acting and filmmaking. I'm not complaining, these past few months were super fun - Mountain biking, catching up with friends, some beach time, more fun with family and friends and of course lots of lazy summer days.
But as usual, school started up, I started showing back up at the office, and life got very busy!!
Busy in a very good way. I'll tell you more really soon...
(Note, the obvious cliffhanger!)