Friday, July 31, 2009

PET Scan

Finally, a good IV day.
Someone told me to drink lot's of water if my veins weren't cooperating, so last night, I was attacking the water like a dehydrated camel. Then today, more water. By the time I got to the clinic, you could say the tank was full. But when I checked in I was given a large tumbler of some contrast to drink. Ugh, but O.k. got it down. Then they filled it up again. I was beginning to feel like a college freshman going in for the second beer bong. I mean I was tapped off. I was sloshing! Then into the chair for another needle and an injection of something that came from a metal canister. Really - a metal canister, like 1/2 of a red bull. And everywhere signs warning of radioactive dangers. Great. was my tongue glowing yet? Then I had to sit in a chair and "relax" for 20 minute. Did anyone mention that I had just drank a gallon of barium. How does anyone relax when all you can think about is running to the bathroom? Thank you Trish for letting me borrow your Ipod. It really saved me!
So after 20 minutes and a quick trip to the toity, I'm back in getting ready to get in the machine and voila, yet another tumbler of yukky stuff appears.
Next time, I'm going to suggest that we play a drinking game to help it go down faster! Maybe add some rum to it.
Anyway, the Pet scan went well and the folks were really nice. After we got home, my sweet geeky Mr. Spouse, ran into the garage to get the Geiger counter. Fun with science.
~Good news the rest of the CT scan results came in and they were clear (YEA!!). So now we're one out of three test results back. Perhaps we're only looking at radiation treatment!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bone Marrow Biopsy

o.k. what's up with the missing the vein for an IV. I mean really! The actual procedure to get the bone marrow was nothing compared to the damn vein spelunking. But you would be proud - not one obscenity flew from my lips. Finally someone came in and got it right, but I'm really getting to dread needles!
But other than that, everything else went well. I think it's funny though that the doc said that because of the pain meds and such, I would probably forget everything about the procedure and even our conversation . Of course, I remember everything. The shots for numbing, the light hammering, our conversation!
So much for forgetting.

Cautious optimism

The Oncologist called to say that the neck area of my CT scan looked clear. Keeping fingers crossed that the rest of the areas (middle and lower) are clear too. Yea!
btw: sorry to the guy at the scan place, who kept missing my vein to start the IV. I wasn't really calling you a MF'er. It was just that when I feel someone screwing up and putting the needle down into the joint of my elbow, I have a tendency to curse. Well, it felt like the needle was going into my elbow. And the F bombs weren't aimed at you either. kinda, not really, sorta.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

test time

O.K. so I need tests.

Here's what I'm looking forward to this week.

Wednesday = CT scan

Thursday = Bone Marrow Biopsy

Friday = PET scan


(how the hell is one suppossed to study for these thing?)

Monday, July 27, 2009

lymphoma - shit!

A week ago I had a lymph node removed and it turned out to be cancer. I know! Holy Shit huh! Cancer!

I found out on Friday July 24th, and not until Monday, 66 hours later (I know I counted), I only knew I had lymphoma. No idea as to where else it may be or how fast it was spreading. Talk about a lousy weekend. I needed a diversion. I'm not the type to dive in to a beer, so I started reading. And reading like a mad woman. A woman on a mission. Anything to to get my mind off of my future and it's uncertainty.
I don't mean reading to learn more about lymphoma either. No way. The web is overflowing with scary stories (I'd leave that to Mr. Spouse to weed through that mess and pull out some facts and figures) I grabbed the nearest book and started on it with a vengeance. The last three books of the Harry Potter series, The Twilight series, Straight Man, Shakespeare. In those 66 hours I read more books than I had in years.
Fortunately, on today (Monday), more results came in and the lymphoma looks to be slow growing. This is good! Really good. But now on to see the Oncologist and find out where this unwelcome guest is residing in my body. And of course on to the book store.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Until a few days ago...

Until a few days ago, the summer hadn't been anything spectacular. Nothing too grand, but nothing too bland either. The major theme of Summer would have been that it was HOT. Like holy cow -over 100 degrees everyday - kind of hot.

A quick run down would include - June: The kids and I went to Florida for a couple of weeks which was really fun (and also hot),

July was filled with summer camps , drivers ed, PSAT prep and fresh from the oven kind of HOT.

Life was bumbling along in it's usual clouded state, going from one thing to another.

At least that was until a few days ago...