Friday, August 13, 2010

Every Night

Every night, once I’ve closed my eyes to sleep, I start telling myself a story. It’s usually one or two that I’ve been sorting out during the day or from previous weeks. For the most part, I just let it bubble up from my subconscious. I try not to analyze things like shot angles, color palettes, costumes, lighting, etc., because it’s already there in the story and if I work too hard thinking about it, I’m taken out of it. So I drift into a different world, where the characters from my imagination, seem to desperately want to tell me something important. Something that is pivotal in their lives. They lead me into dreams, they have adventures, and they become real. As real as you and me.
One day I will bring them and their story to life for everyone to see, and I hope I will tell it truthfully, and beautifully, and I will not disappoint them.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Summer Time

Summer Time

Two weeks left of summer. Two little, they-will-fly-by-in-a-heartbeat, weeks. As usual, there wasn’t enough time from the end of one school year, to the beginning of the next school year, to hurry up and relax. (But “not enough time” is a daily problem, so I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s a seasonal problem.)
I did get a few things done this summer though, which I’m very happy about – I finished the application for the Texas Film Makers Fund and hopefully I’ll get some grant money. I wrapped up my short film Eulogy Maker and it’s now been submitted to 14 film festivals and counting (hence the need for some grant money!), I took the kids to Europe and showed them some sights and visited with special friends whom I love dearly. I worked on the house and we finally replaced our truck that had been totaled.

Which leaves me now with only two weeks left of summer, a craving for Nutella crapes, missing my German friends, need to hurry for back-to-school supplies/clothes/etc., for the kids, and the realization that I didn’t finish any of my scripts.

So I didn’t get to relax, but let’s face it - for me, relaxing is stressful. Which means it’s been a great summer!!