Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life is flying By

Life seems to be coming at me fast and faster. Last week I realized several pretty big things were happening at the same time. One is that my short film, Jenny Sweet needed pick up shots. So this past week, I basically, produced and directed a mini short film. There were quite a few shots to get and even a short scene to shoot. So I cranked out the shot list and call sheet (Note: ALWAYS have a call list. Without one, you're screwed!!) and I organized the locations, got the talent on board, the DP, the Art Director and burned through those shots yesterday. It was an awesomely fun, relaxed, great time on set. Reminded me as to why I love directing!
Also this past week, I had to finally admit to myself, that my oldest kid is graduating high school, and I'm not ready for it. He may be, but I'm not. It would help if he was a pain in the ass, selfish, spoiled brat, but he's really a great kid and I'm going to miss having him around. Of course we have the coming Summer to get sick of each other, but still, those 17 years went by fast. wow.
Now though, I have to get the house ready for company, finalize festivities, finish editing and take the footage over to color correction, music, sound editor, and get the transmission fixed in the car.
Oh crap, I forgot! I need to get my kid a graduation gift. ~sigh~ I think I feel a migraine coming on. No really.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Love you Mom!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Editor Mike Rocks!!

I am so happy to be working with an awesomely talented, uber fast, incredibly sweet editor!! Sometimes making a film, even a short depends so much on other people and if you don't have a bunch of film student friends to draft, these things can take a long time. But to get someone so nice and easy going, with mad editing skills, has put a smile on my face all week!!
When things go well, I really feel I can do anything. Thanks Mike!!
(now about those pick up shots...)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Blogging = House Plants

Someone once told me that having a blog is like having a house plant - something you need to give attention to every now and then or it'll die. Sure, a blog doesn't whither and die, but if you don't post the latest news, the amount of people coming by will dry up. But let's face it, I'm not really posting anything hot off the presses anymore. Facebook took that role and then came Twitter.
Ugh! Guess I'm having a little self imposed blogger guilt. (A waste of perfectly good guilt!).
O.K. O.K., I'll start posting more!