Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Movie Embarrassment

Kat suggested we do this , so… here goes.

Most Embarrassing Movies Blogathon. (Please add this to your blog and make a link)

Movies you’re too embarrassed to admit you have never seen: The one film that I always avoided getting into discussions about was Shindler’s List. When it came out, everyone was going on and on about it, but I couldn’t (and can’t) bring myself to see it. Even now, I have guilt about it.

Movies you’re most embarrassed to say you have see: I am truly embarrassed to admit I saw Good Burger. A painfully painfully bad film (but the kids liked it, so what do I know?). As for a movie that’s more well known, I guess that would be The Master of Disguise.

Movie you’re most embarrassed to say you have seen and loved: Fried Green Tomatoes! I loved that movie so much, I took my mother and I cried all over again, even though I knew the story. I’m such a sap!

Movie you’re most embarrassed to say that you have seen and hated. I don’t know about hated, but I wasn’t blown away by “Little Miss Sunshine.” Perhaps it was because of the huge hype leading up to it, but I was really disappointed. I did love the acting. Very Good! But not the story.

Most embarrassing scene from a movie that scared you as a kid and even to this day: Modified answer here because I can recall seeing only one scary movie when I was a kid and I know it wouldn’t scare me now, so…

When I was a kid, I am embarrassed to say I was scared out of my wits by the movie “Impulse” starring William Shatner. The babysitter took me to see it. Back then, I had such a crush on Mr. Shatner and I didn’t know it was going to be a scary movie. Sure enough though, there he was on the big screen, horribly running over someone in his car (repeatedly?) and being all evil to a little girl, who was just like me!

I never looked at William Shatner the same way again

Sunday, March 23, 2008

blog surfing

I love to Blog Surf. It ranks right up there with House Lust. Since I don't have everyone listed in my favorites sections. I go to one blog and then jump to another.
Here is my latest surfing/jumping for this afternoon.

Start with Kat

jump to Stacy

jump to Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

jump to Smitten Kitchen and lost my place, so I

start again with Kat and

jump to Ben

then jump to Owen Egerton.

Start back this time with Stacy and

jump between A Dress A Day, Adrienne Dawes, Kelly Rae's Art and Post Secret.

It's now getting late, so I take a quick look at my blog - Yup still here!

Checked my email for the umpteenth time.

~The End~

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Bad Guy

Note to all people who have or will have children. Raising children, is not growing your next BFF. You are growing kids. Teach them well, feed them well, load on the love, and be there for them, but don’t ask them to be your friend. It’s not fair to them. Also the ugly truth about being a parent; is you have to create boundries. Boundries include, how to behave, how to be safe, chores, how to treat others, schoolwork, homework and everything else in the world. All kids need boundries, so they feel safe to be themselves and make no mistake about it, they will resent the hell out of you for it.

This weekend, I think I’m going to get the parent of the year award!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Twizzler Lovin'

How creative! A Twizzler-rope knitted thong!

Twizzler Munchies

One package peanut butter crackers.

Cut up Twizzler sticks into three sections.

Place Twizzlers into cracker sandwich.

Twizzler Hor'dourves!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I love Twizzlers

Please don't ever tell me what is in these things. I love them too much!

Movie Love!

Can I tell you how much I dislike the chain video stores?! Everything is the same and the old films are in lousy condition. The last two I rented from Blockbuster, “Fugitive” and “War Games”, were both scratched and we could barely finish the film due to the skipping and stopping. Very frustrating! I drive over there, spend too much time looking for what I want, they don’t have it and I end up leaving with a movie I don’t want and a big bag of Twizzlers. I love Twizzlers. Twizzlers for me, make watching a film a complete experience. Going to Blockbuster is not a good experience. It’s always a hassle, even with Twizzlers.

So… I have signed on with Netflix. I’m so excited. I signed up for two movies at a time and in a mater of minutes picked out 20 movies. Goodbye Blockbuster, Hello Netflix!

I’ll just have to grab a bag of Twizzlers next time I’m at the grocery store and hide them in the pantry until Friday movie night.

This looks like love, yup, movie love!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Post Holiday Blues

I don’t want to go back to every day blahs. I wanna go back to the big city and PLAY!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Just got in from Monterey and San Fran. I forgot how much I love and miss the bay area. Of course had to start at my favorite spot - Monterey Bay Aquarium. Then we scooted up to the City. Stopped by my old place in San Carlos, and showed Little Guy where he was born. Took kids to Muir Woods where we hiked about with old friends, then to Alcatraz (funny - I never went there all those years I lived there!), kids and I walked all around North Beach and China Town and spent a day at the Exploratorium. Whew!

Here are some pics of aquarium and Monterey Bay area:

Really big Dolphin Fish. Also known in the restaurant bizness as Mahi Mahi.

Photo by Big Little Guy

Photo by Big Little Guy - Scared school of sardines, look like they're exploding.

Photo by ~L (These are upside down jelly fish. They swim so they stay on the bottom of the ocean floor, with their tenticles facing up. Their mouth parts are colored green and blue and look like sea grass. Incredibly cool!)

Sea Lions photo taken by Big Little Guy. There are sea otters just beyond the frame of this picture.

The Lone Cyprus on 17 mile rive has become such a land mark (tourist attraction) , that folks in charge are doing everything to keep it perched on the outcropping. Even building it a retaining wall with support wires. I'm glad I saw it before it was "saved."

Here are some pics of Monterey,17 mile drive, and Carmel as seen through the eyes of Little Guy:

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Home Day

Its a cold and rainy, stay home day.

It’s a hot tea and honey, soup and slippers day.

It’s a do the dishes and do the laundry day.

It’s a pay the bills and blog day.

It’s a curl up with a book day.

It’s a perfect, stay home day.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Old Phone vs. New Phone

Got a shiny new cell phone. Sleek, racing red and super duper fancy shmancy. It has all kinds of fun, must have functions. Video, Picture, web access, games, maybe even an editing bay. So it’s a bit complicated. Actually, I don’t understand it at all. Perhaps I’m behind on the learning curve, but I can’t even get it to wake me up in the morning. And well, I miss my old phone. It was a sturdy little work horse. IT was faithful and when ever I needed it, it was right there in my purse or pocket. Yes, it exploded when ever it was handled too roughly, and it had the bad habit of making three or four numbers for one push of a button, but I knew it and it was usually there when I reached for it. Unfortunately, it’s problems continued to get worse and I realized it just wasn’t working out.

Argh! I miss my old phone!

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I am so thankful for the kindness and love from my friends. Something completely knocks the shit out of me and I my friends are there. Their love and kindness gives me peace. They don’t ask questions. They can see it has been very hard, and they freely give their love.

I love my friends.