Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good, Bad and Bitchy

Just can’t seem to get going on my blog these days (or I should say these weeks).

I’m getting a website, biz cards etc with links to this blog and I’m supposed to report happy, cheerful news and blog about how my filmmaking and actress career are going great. But that’s not what I do - I blog about what’s going on in my life, the funny and sad and I throw in some complaining every now and then. It’s who I am and this blog is a very simple extension of … well, me. The good, the bad and the bitchy.

So here is some of all of that:

Bitchy Part : Everything is going in super slow motion. For a person who would rather be traveling at 90 miles an hour, 6 days a week (7th day is rest ya know), this lack of momentum feels more like suffocation.

Bad Part: I have decided to be selfish and put my needs as a film maker ahead of other family members. Hence the pile of dishes, laundry, still unrepaired crack in the ceiling, unpaid bills and no food in the fridge.

Good Part: Little by little, I am learning and making films. By not allowing frustration to deter my ambitions, I am currently working on three short screenplays, and my last short film is nearing it’s completion date. I’m working with creative, giving, positive people and ultimately I’m grateful to not be dealing with cancer, so that I can hold and play and laugh with my children, and focus on living a creative life.