Saturday, August 26, 2006

Got to do some riding this weekend. My bike, the blue in the background of the top photo, was being temperamental, so I rode my hubbys. I thought the Texas heat would d kill me, but it wasn't too bad as long as we were either riding or in the shade. But if we had to stop because of crashes or a fouled spark plug, then the heat was really impressive.

I guess if I was a really radical moto chick, I'd have to say something ridiculous like:

Dude, I like totally kick ass! Catching air on the doubles was like, the shit! Serious soil sample but I'm good!"

But I'm not stupid cool, or cool, or stupid, or whatever. I'm just me and I had a really good time hanging out with my kids and hubby, and riding and being scared and thrilled and having fun.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Last UKPP scene for the day

To get a feel for the scene, here are some no nothing shots. Somewhere in here are stars (Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Linda Emond, Abbie Cornish). I didn't feel right going up to them and snapping their pictures with out asking them first, but unfortunately, I was too embarrassed to ask them.

So I just took some general lousy type shots.

Cora Cardona and David Kroll

The heat was so horrid, that at every chance we got, we'd hang out in an air conditioned lawyer's office, which was facing the street where the filming was taking place.

Sitting with me is Cora Cardona and
David Kroll. Cora is an actress, director, producer, playwright and well, you name it. She started the Latino theatre scene in Dallas and is the artistic director and founder of Teatro Dallas . She has this warm, supportive positive energy that is enveloping. I wish I could work with her everyday.
David played the minister to perfection and I loved watching him. He hails from Austin and has been in several things as well. I am so glad I got to be in the last scene with him. Everyone was super tired, hot and ready to put our feet up, but his jokes kept coming (even the bad one!) and it was a great way to wrap up the day. I have to admit, normally it's pretty had for me to get the giggles on a set, but man, did I get them bad with David! I still laugh thinking about it.
Hi Cora!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Kimberly Pierce is a director who I would happily work for again. She is all business and doesn't mix it up. There was no ego, tantrums, or histrionics. Just very professional. She surrounds herself with equally dependant, professional people and a lot of them were hired locally!

To me that totally kicks ass!!


This is the last the scene of the day, where it's after the parade and speeches, and the town folk are walking around feeling wonderful. Here is Elizabeth and her "GI boyfriend" . Of course he's not her real boyfriend, but he is a real GI and he came over from one of the local bases. A really nice guy (damn handsome too!) Sorry I don't recall his name. Something like Chergard, or Charemund or Shurmere.


Here I am on the set with Elizabeth and Joy ( Why can't I rememebr last names?).
Anyway, they are really wonderful people and hanging out with them made it easier and more fun to braved the 100+ Texas heat. Believe it or not, sometimes we were so desperate for shade, that we were thankful for the ladder!

Hi Elizabeth!
Hi Joy!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Untitled Kimberly Pierce Project

Hello to everyone that I met on the set of the Untitled Kimberly Pierce Project!

I would like to extend a thanks to so many of you that maintained a professional attitude and for just being kind, while shooting outdoors in 100+ heat.

To Heather Collier – You are an awesome agent!!!!

To Beth Sepko, Casting Director – Thanks for pulling my headshot!!!!

To KP- I can read lips.

To Scott – You went out of my way. Thanks.

To Tim Olyphant – Nice to meet you. Yes, the heat was a bit much.

To Ryan Phillippe, Truthfully, we didn’t actually meet, but we did say hi.

To Channing Tatum – Thanks for not having a big ego. You could have but you didn’t’. I know the GI’s really appreciated that!

To Joseph Gordon-Levitt – I looked, and yes, it was a really touching last scene.

To Josef Sommer – Seems like you really loved this Texas heat!

To Elizabeth – Girl, You are crazy! Fun. Good luck in LA.

To Joy – Thanks for the company. Ps. I’d leave the senator!

To David Kroll – Very nice meeting you! Did you hear the one about…

To Cora Cardona – You are such a wonderful person. I’m so glad I got to meet you.

To Glen Mormon - Thanks for being kind, the AC was great and so was the food!

To Jennifer Milliman – Good to see you again.

To the GI extras – Thanks for keeping the place fun!

To Chris – I promise, I will never hire you. For anything. Ever.

To the gal who did my make up – Finally, someone who calls it real! Thanks!

To the gals who did my hair – “I had to put it up…It was so damn hot!”

Thanks to everyone that tried so hard to keep us from dying of heat stroke. I know you were hot too, but every bottle of water, and every umbrella, was really appreciated.

To the rain – Thank you!

I’ll post a few pictures soon. Keep checking back.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Astrological things

I'm really not one for these astrological things. I look at them more out of curiosity than anything. That and for some reason, which I had nothing to do with, is now on my Google page. But I have to admit, there have been several which have been spot on. Today’s actually made me laugh out loud!

It probably wouldn't have been so funny if I hadn't been feeling out of the loop and had just emailed Kat to see about lunch.

Check out today’s!

You are more than ready to go back to work, but by midday you realize that the social aspect of your job is important to you, too. You need the interactions with your coworkers, whether it is going out to lunch with associates or getting together with friends after work. Although you are socially inclined now, don't forget to take care of your responsibilities or things can become pretty difficult very quickly.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Monday, August 14, 2006

jumping off bridges screenings

screenings (more screenings TBA)

8/9, Dallas, TX, Dallas Video Festival, Angelika Film Center, 7pm

8/11, Lubbock TX, Flatland Film Festival

9/13, Seattle, WA, Broadway Performance Hall, 7:30pm, Advanced Tickets Available

9/15, Albuquerque, NM, Southwest Film Center, 7pm

9/16, Albuquerque, NM, Southwest Film Center, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm

9/15 - 9/21, Overland Park, KS, Kansas City International Film Festival

9/30, San Antonio, TX, Historic Guadalupe Theater at Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, 7pm

October, Baltimore, MD, TBA

October, Washington DC, TBA

October, Chicago, IL, TBA

October or November (week run), Jacksonville, FL, San Marco Theater, TBA

10/3, Austin, TX, Alamo Drafthouse South, 7pm, Advanced Tickets Available

10/3 - 10/8, New Haven, CT, Connecticut Film Festival

10/6 - 10/7 (weekend run), Tallahassee, FL, All Saints Cinema

10/7, Boston, MA, Capital Theater, 6:30pm

10/13 - 10/19, Memphis, TN, Indie Memphis Film Festival

10/14, Nashville, TN, Belcourt Theater, 2pm

10/14, Houston, TX, Rice University Media Lab, 7pm

10/26, Portland, OR, The Hollywood Theater, 7pm

November, Los Angeles, CA, TBA

November, Beaumont, TX, Spindletop Film Festival

11/2, Montclair, NJ, Montclair State University

11/3 and 11/4, New York City, NY, Pioneer Theater, 7pm, Advanced Tickets Available

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another really good one.

Even if you are prepared, things may not unfold according to the plan. You meticulously read your script and you know how to play your part, but it's as if someone changed the plot and your lines are no longer relevant. You may even feel as if the other players have been given new scripts and nobody informed you. Don't lose it; showing your anger will just make things worse. This is a test to see if you can let go of your personal agenda and graciously adapt to the changing scenery.

Life’s funny challenges.

Sometimes life throws us a ridiculous challenge. We may tell our friends about it or hide it, but to move forward in life, we grit our teeth and get through it. My ridiculous challenge is that I hate to fly in airplanes. I’m terrified of it and with every step I take closer to the plane, it feels like I am taking steps to death.

I didn’t used to fear flying. I have traveled all over the world, have “almost died” on several occasion (ask me to tell you about the bus ride in the Himalayas!) and had made peace with my maker.

Now though, I’m a true chicken shit of the skies. My motto used to be “have toothbrush, will travel.” Now it’s “do we have to fly there?” or “cluck, cluck, squawk!”

I realize that this is really, an irrational fear. It began soon after I started having children. Perhaps it’s the hormones or something, because I’ve heard similar tales from other moms. My hope is that the “fear of flying hormone” will diminish over the years, so that by the time my kids are off to college, I can happily resume my globe trotting ways, or at least not be terrified to fly the 30 minutes to Dallas!

Maybe it’s a self generated fear, to prevent me from focusing on the really scary stuff in life, or maybe it’s a manifestation of the vulnerability of motherhood, but it really does feel like I might die. I’m not one to back down from a fight though, and in a strange kind of way, overcoming these ridiculous challenges gives me perspective and reconfirms the living of life!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The New Year is Now.

Most people start their year on January 1st. My year starts on my kid’s first day back to school. That is when I reflect on the previous year, go through all that has happened and take stock and tally of my life. It is when I look at my kids and see how much their bodies and minds have stretched and grown, see if I’ve done a good job at this parenting thing. It’s when I prepare for the explosion of school activities and the inevitable firsts in my kids lives. It’s a looking forward to possibilities.

It’s when I try to see if I have let time slip away from me (again) or I have allowed myself to live in the moment. See if I have captured any of those moments, and held on, for just a little while, before realizing they have, in fact, slipped away like the year.

It is goodbye and sadness. It is eagerness and hope. Like I said, my year starts on my kids first day back to school.

Friday, August 11, 2006

my horoscope for today

It's difficult to separate your dreams from reality now, but the hard, cold facts just won't go away. You are caught between the relationship fantasies that you have created and the very real limitations that you must live with day to day. Focus on the positive tangible aspects so you can remain open to the love around you, even if it isn't quite what you imagined.
Friday, August 11, 2006

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

End of summer

It’s almost the end of summer and there are a few things I’ve gotten used to that I know I’m going to miss terribly when school starts. Having my coffee and checking my emails, while the kid practice their violin and piano, first thing in the morning. The seemingly non stop shrieks and squeals of laughter from them playing tag through the house and finding safety on my lap or under my desk, as I work on Storie Productions. Accidentally stepping on a few toy arm men in the darkened living room as I lock up at night, only to find, after I’ve limped over to turn on the light, that I’ve stepped into a great battle field of carefully placed forces, stretching from the front door to the back patio. Sleeping late and then letting them in my bed to snuggle and not jumping out of my skin, when they put their freezing little hands on my tummy. I am sorry that summer is almost gone. I have cherished it.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Make sure to check out the film's website for updates on screenings and awards.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Even More Screenings !!!!

The screenings for jumping off bridges, has really taken off!

There has been such wonderful feedback about this film. Won’t be long now until we have all of our venues set and then we’ll start on spreading the word. Let me know ASAP if you want to bring this film, jumping off bridges, to your area and I'll work on setting it up.

Next week we start on publicity.