Monday, November 06, 2006

The previous post is the eulogy I said at the memorial for my dad. What i really wanted to say was:
I can rationalize my father's death by saying he lived a full life and that he would never have wanted to dwindle into old age.
But I can't believe I will never sit with him again, ask him what to do, and kiss his sweet face, over and over.

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  1. hi Leslie. You knew me as Helen Ann/Nann Reid. My family lived behind yours eons ago when your sister and I were in BHS band together.

    I was so sad to hear of your father's death. I have always remembered him as a special character. I know how it feels all too well as my dad died 6 years ago. I assure you - you will still talk to him and ask him what to do, and what is more - you will still hear him answering him in your heart. Such special people never truly leave us.

    I've been wanting to send your sister a card/note, but don't have her snail address. If you are able to email it to me at, it would be much appreciated.

    my deepest sympathies.........Nann