Friday, April 20, 2007


Saw a motorcyclist smash into a car stopped in traffic. It was right next to me on the highway. I saw him the whole time. He might have been going about 45. I'm amazed he didn't die, only a badly broken arm. But when I saw his body flying through the air and bounce instantly against the back of that small SUV, I thought he was a goner. It looked amazingly like that scene in Meet Joe Black when Brad Pitt's character gets hit by the car. I just saw that part of the film two days ago and changed the channel, but in reality there isn't much channel surfing. At least not while your driving a minivan full of kids, on the highway during rush hour traffic and you think - If this guy is really bad, I'll get out and try to save him, but there are kids in the car, I don't want them to see this, I don't want them sitting in a stopped car on the highway, I don't want to get his blood on me and have to get back in the car. I don't want to see anyone else dead because of a motorcycle accident. And if this guy is still alive, can I help him and still keep all these kids safe?

It's amazing what can go through one's mind in a few seconds.

Fortunately, he held onto the handlebars and rotated through the air and I guess it was his back that hit. I thought he might have crushed his neck, but he was conscious and could move his other arm. It didn't seem to be so bad after all, at least considering how bad it could have turned out. Makes me wonder about the "if's" phenom. One "if" and the whole story changes. If he hadn't been able to hold on to the bike, if he had hit a car or a truck instead. Every other scenario adds up to him being killed, instead of an arm that bent in three places.

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  1. wow...scary...
    Yes, I try not to ask the "if" questions...there's enough to think about with what actually happens. ; )
    Glad he was okay, but what a frightening moment for all of you!