Wednesday, October 10, 2007

delete the blog

I’ve been thinking about deleting this blog and I’m surprised at my reluctance. As I got close to the delete button, it felt like I was ending a long term relations ship. The kind where you go, - what was that about? How did I end up here? What do I do now?

It’s not like I want to stop this one because I’ve been eyeing another blog, as if there’s a secret blog fling going on or anything. Or that I have several blogs that I move around in. I guess I’m more of a monogamous blogger. But the idea though, to delete every thing - every picture, word, image and shared memory, feels more like I may not have really existed. O.K., obviously I exist to some degree. I exist to my friends, and family. But it’s still a really odd feeling. Both freeing and sad at the same time.


  1. Hi, L --
    Why delete -- tired of bloging? Finding it hard to express yourself, or finding it hard to find something to share? Hey, I've been there... But that doesn't mean that your writings and memories should be dropped. You'll likely want to revisit them from time to time, especially entries about your children, your husband, and your father. Plus, you may find another burst of creativity or expression in the future makes you glad you kept it alive. Maybe you should just let it be for awhile. Don't feel like you have to add to it -- wait for the time when you can't WAIT to add to it. Just a thought...
    - David K

  2. There's a lot of our lives there - it's not like it could ever actually be made to go away, but it's nice to have it all in there, in black and white (and various other colors ...). But you know me - I'm a pack rat.