Thursday, July 03, 2008

WALL-E - Review and spoiler

(Note - Spoiler Alert!. If you are one of the 10 people in America who hasn't seen this film yet, stop now or you will find out the ending!!!)
Saw Wall-E this afternoon with the kids. Big Little Kid (15yrs) thought it was good and he recommends it to everyone. He felt it was kind of a sad movie in that earth was left behind and got the short end of the stick while the people left for several hundred years and during that time became helpless and stupid. But other than that it was a good movie. Little Guy (10 yrs) thought it was good too. He wasn't sad about the state of earth because it got better and people came back to earth and started to depend on themselves. I was left on the sad side after seeing the film because it reminded me of how transient humans are and that, outside to the make believe world of films, we humans really are messing up the world.
It was a very cute movie though and I did like it. But I left a little saddened.

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