Monday, March 02, 2009

loove, loove loove!!

So here's the scoop. I love acting. I'm lucky, in that I occasionally get paid for it, but I love it so much, I'll even do it for free. (O.K. as long as it's an awesome director). Plain and simply put, I love it. I also love being a mom. Loove, loove, loove it!! and I'm totally over the moon with my kids. I believe kids are the essence of life and that their energy is what makes the world go around.
But it's not always peaches and cream. To be a working actor, you have to keep growing artistically, take challenges, push your comfort zone and be open to possibilities. To be a fairly decent parent, you have to keep two steps ahead of the little buggers, think outside the lines, be the "adult" when you really want to be the one to throw the tantrum, and be open to ideas that aren't very efficient. :)
It does seem that I'm whining about the struggle between two awesome jobs, about two things in my life that I love and give me great joys. But I wouldn't mind being able to do both of them really well at the same time!

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