Monday, April 20, 2009


To be done with really big things is such a tremendous relief. To actually be done with something -finished - no more! How wonderfully great!
But I'm not done with anything, nothing, zilch. So I thought if I could just put myself in that frame of mind, that super finished feeling, I could fool myself into a peaceful place. If I could just pretend that the gargantuan decisions have been made, the chores done, the repairs finished and the events over, I could feel that lightness of step and my shoulders wouldn't be hunched up around my ears.
And to tell you the truth I have been pretending all day and I feel a little lighter. A happy lightness.
I love to pretend. It's the next best thing to acting!

1 comment:

  1. It's sort of like when you can visualize and see clearly what you want, you get it. So, see it done and then it will all become clear how to get there. capiche?
    I know I want to see it, when it's done! ; )