Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Summer is almost here!!
Summer time!!
Sleep late, watch movies, family time, Fun!!
Oh, how I love you Summertime!


  1. Dear L - Thought I'd stop by to see how your summer's going, and there's nothing yet about summer! Maybe that's a sign that it's going so well that you don't have time to blog about it! What's up with Ninja? How/when can we see it?? As for me, been auditioning -- did some ads for the Statesman -- and waiting for films to come to Texas for those new incentives the Legislature passed! Hope all is well with you. - David (a pastor on STOP-LOSS, remember?)

  2. Hey David!!
    Great to hear from you. Of course I remember! I wish I had some wonderful acting news, but the summer has been full of kid activities. After the kids are back in school, I'll start back into acting class, and hit the auditions.
    Keeping fingers crossed for incoming films!!!
    Keep me posted.