Monday, July 27, 2009

lymphoma - shit!

A week ago I had a lymph node removed and it turned out to be cancer. I know! Holy Shit huh! Cancer!

I found out on Friday July 24th, and not until Monday, 66 hours later (I know I counted), I only knew I had lymphoma. No idea as to where else it may be or how fast it was spreading. Talk about a lousy weekend. I needed a diversion. I'm not the type to dive in to a beer, so I started reading. And reading like a mad woman. A woman on a mission. Anything to to get my mind off of my future and it's uncertainty.
I don't mean reading to learn more about lymphoma either. No way. The web is overflowing with scary stories (I'd leave that to Mr. Spouse to weed through that mess and pull out some facts and figures) I grabbed the nearest book and started on it with a vengeance. The last three books of the Harry Potter series, The Twilight series, Straight Man, Shakespeare. In those 66 hours I read more books than I had in years.
Fortunately, on today (Monday), more results came in and the lymphoma looks to be slow growing. This is good! Really good. But now on to see the Oncologist and find out where this unwelcome guest is residing in my body. And of course on to the book store.

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