Saturday, February 05, 2011


Very excited to be in pre production on my next short film, Jenny Sweet. I start shooting March 3rd and already I'm having problems sleeping - there is so much to do. Still need to find a location for one of the scenes, audition the talent, work on shot list, meet with crew, etc. etc...
But don't forget I'm also "Mom." Which means the bills still need to get paid, the groceries bought (and meals made), homework checked, laundry, and the house is a disaster zone. Oh and did I mention one of my kids broke his arm last week? Whew.
Fortunately, Mr. Spouse is cool with the house being messy and doesn't object to ordering an emergency take out order every now and then, the kids are really supportive of me being a film maker, and the Austin film community is awesomely helpful!
I guess this is why I named my film company We're Here Productions. Because to participate in this life, it takes more than just my own solo act. It's about the "we."

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