Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Could use another one of me :)

Busy day full of rehearsals, going over the new location with Richard my DP (director of photography), getting the cast changed on my kids' broken arm, and crossing things off my to do list like a mad woman. If I wasn't adding like crazy to the list, I'd feel a lot better.

I really love my story, but I wish I was enjoying preproduction more instead of fretting about every detail. I think it's because everything is so rushed. Only a few more days until I starting shooting and I still don't have anyone in charge of craft services. Don't have anyone to be a Data Wrangler (the person who downloads the video footage and synchs it with the audio, and then catalogs it. If they are super awesome, they will also mark the best cuts and pull together a rough cut of the footage:) I'm not sure if I can schedule around the band, Schmillion and I really really want them to be in the film. I have to redo how I'm going to set up my shots in the new locations.
The list goes on and on. Perhaps if I had just a few more of me, it will all get done and be awesome!!

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