Saturday, September 10, 2011

the new normal

It's September and I'm getting used to the new normal.
My oldest kid is away at college (and loving it) and my youngest is actually enjoying middle school. I know - wow! (there's no middle child, just oldest and youngest ;)
I've always held that a "parent is only as happy as their least happy kid." so when they're doing good, so am I.
As for films, the summer put a huge crimp in my acting and filmmaking. I'm not complaining, these past few months were super fun - Mountain biking, catching up with friends, some beach time, more fun with family and friends and of course lots of lazy summer days.
But as usual, school started up, I started showing back up at the office, and life got very busy!!
Busy in a very good way. I'll tell you more really soon...
(Note, the obvious cliffhanger!)

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