Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"SUBMERGED" is done!

It took a really long time, but my short film “Submerged,” is finally done and done! It had it’s premier at the Fort Lauderdale International Film fest in Octorber 2012, and it’s getting wonderful reviews.   It’s a short film about Jenny, a young teen, who sneaks out in hopes of a chance encounter with her life long crush, but he doesn’t recognize her from when they were children, or connect their shared tragedy.  “Submerged” is not the cute, bittersweet film that Eulogy Maker was and I think that has surprised a lot of folks. It’s grittier, has a harder, more disturbing story line, and I think the F bomb is dropped about three times.  I love it and maybe it will comes to a film festival near you!

Above is the official poster (or one sheet) for the film. It was painted by the incredibly talented artist and graphic designer, Lavanna Martin.  

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