Wednesday, February 15, 2006

no more Kvetching!!!

O.K., Enough whimpering and No more whining!

No more kvetching for a whole week! (and that's my final offer...).

Let’s see what have I been up to you ask. (didn’t you ask that?)

-Went motocross riding last weekend. Lot’s of FUN!

-I had a voice over audition on Tuesday. Went pretty well.

-Going to watch Michael Emerson on Lost tonight!

-Have an industrial audition tomorrow.

-BINGO! – going to the school bingo fundraiser, which is always very loud and wild.

-Saturday, going to help with a press meeting for kids who are entering a contest to write an essay about indie films and Austin. The winner gets published in the Austin American Statesman newspaper.

-Sunday, going to cheer and holler (and send positive energy) to friends/crazy runners in the Motorola Marathon. (CRAZY!)

-New business cards should go to the printers this week! Finally! (and they look incredible!)

-working on publicity for Jumping Off Bridges.

- eating lots of chocolate strawberries!!!!!!

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