Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Getting the word out!!!

It’s an amazing process when you go into self distribution.

You probably know that jumping off bridges, is having its World Premiere in 20+ cities across the nation. What you probably don’t know, is the work involved in getting the word out. To put it mildly, it is monumental! I have been calling television stations around the country. Every where it’s showing, you can be sure I have called and emailed the news editor, assignment editor, the community bulletin and a few reporters of each station. And then done it again.

Fortuanely most stations now have it on their calendar and interviews are being scheduled. The hardest part is hearing the “We’ll get back to you.”

(Have I mentioned that I’ve never been very good at waiting?)

The thing is, as hard as I’m working, Kat, Stacy and Tracy are working 50 times harder. I only have one area, television. They have a zillion areas.

The work is paying out though and the film is gaining momentum and buzz.

The word is getting out!!

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