Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Recap of the last month:12/18/06 to 1/8/07

Last minute helping with school holiday parties.

Last minute crazed holiday shopping

Last minute crazed shopping for snow trip.

Which inevitably lead to…

Got sick…Got bronchitis….still shopping and now packing for snow trip.

Xmas morning = Family opens presents frenzy. No doctors appointments available.

Got sicker…wrangled some meds…feel better.

Pack van for snow trip.

Leave for snow trip…get caught in blizzard.

Think we are all going to die.

Finally make it to Red River New Mexico. Winter wonderland!

Snowed in for days!!

Snow ball fights, angles in the snow, lots of skiing,

Play with friends, have too much wine, beer, wonderful food, laughs, take pictures, shoot video of everyone.

-feels like a real family vacations! –

Over did it, starting to get sick again

Ignore it! More fun

Drive back through blizzards

Think we are all going to die again.

Make it back home in one day. Whew!

Now feel very bad – too much fun? Yup.

But still ignore it.

Get ready for school to begin.

No more mountains of snow, but mountains of laundry.

Now can’t really breath anymore so…must go to doc.

Bed rest – sleep – eat …repeat

Better and already back to auditioning and raring to go.

Had so much fun!!!

Let’s do it again!!!!

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