Thursday, May 15, 2008

cow love

I love cows. I guess that's why I can't bring myself to eat them. I think their cute and funny and sweet. Or at least the cows that I have known. On the ranch where I had my horse, the cows were more like pets than livestock. I mean sure, if you get a lot of them together, they can become the dumbest animals, prone to do the stupidest thing. But the same thing can be said for humans. Take a rock concert for example. Or a football game. Lot's of people doing really stupid things. Maybe it has more to do with group mentality. The more living creatures you put together in one place, the lower their IQ drops. Then again, a person can be smart and become stupid in a crowd. A cow is pretty much dumb all on its own (this applies to most live stock and certain people).

But who really expects animals to be smart or do we eat them because they are dumb. Uncle Goober is often referred to as dumb as a cow. But nobody would consider eating him (But that could because he doesn't bathe). And let's not forget pigs. Pigs are supposed to be smarter than dogs. And we don't eat dogs. Well, not in this country.

I don't begrudge folks who eats cows. Heck, I serve it too my kids and spouse. Which is kinda weird if you think about it. I don't eat it, yet I'm serving it up. humm...

Honestly, I would be kicked out of any vegetarian society. Sometimes I eat chicken and fish and foods made with animal shortening (Ritz crackers!) and I won't deny that on occasion the smell of a steak sizzling on the grill can send me into spasms of gustatory desire.

But, darn it, they are so cute!

In honor of the lowly cow, I have found these to share.

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