Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ben Bartley is My Adopted Little Brother

Today, I made Ben Bartley eat dirt (in this picture though, he is eating something far nastier). I also slapped him about the head and face, threw rocks, sticks and dirt at him, choked, strangled and screamed at him, twisted his arm and made him cry mercy. He in turn, taunted me unmercifully, wrestled me into the dirt, flipped me over (in the dirt!), and threw rocks at me. And because this was for a short we were filming, it was often very hard not to laugh ourselves silly. It was Ben’s story idea, Kat was directing and Brian was on the boom. Then Brian did some directing which was cool. It was a collaboration of sorts, and the most fun I have had in a long time. There is definitely something rejuvenating about loading up the minivan and shooting a short on the fly. Oh, and did I mention it was in a cemetery?
Anyway, with all that sibling type fighting and all, I’ve decided to adopt Ben as my little brother. He’s sweet, and funny and most importantly, I won’t have to wait to be filming, to make him eat dirt!

1 comment:

  1. I, Ben Bartley, eat dirt. I am honored to be your Adopted Little Brother. As your A.L.B., I declare it is my sworn duty to pester you until you turn blue in the face. Let the pestering begin!!!