Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Picking up speed

The cast is almost set which feels great! Our leads are professional, incredibly talented and to make matters even better, Super Nice People! As for the locations, both Kat and I are giving great sighs of relief to have that locked. We looked them over today, talked about what will go where, who needs to be where, cars, buses, extras, lights, when to shoot, how it will look. outside on the streets, inside buildings and hallway, etc., etc., etc.,.. It was thrilling and exciting and well, truthfully, over whelming. There is just so much to think about.

But now I’m really tired. Like bone tired. I’ve been going to sleep around 1am almost every night this week and then getting up for the day around 6am. Hey, I’m a 9 hour sleeper! I’m talking serious sleeper. Five or six hours of sleep just doesn’t cut it for me. Even now, I feel like I’ve got the flu.

So I’m gonna go to bed now and try not to think about every little detail that I hope I won’t forget before I awake tomorrow. I'm so excited about this film... I'm so tired.

I've stopped making sense.

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