Monday, February 09, 2009


Facebook - seemed innocent enough. A fun way to keep in touch with cast and crew from Ninja James and the Beast Boy. But then folks from my collage theater department “found” me. I didn’t know I was lost, but it’s a good feeling to be found just the same. Then people from another college I went to “found” me. Then high school folks “found” me, and so did summer camp friends, traveling friends, European friends, and friends from various places I’ve visited and lived. Which truthfully has been great and even a bit overwhelming. But my real question is why does almost everyone who “friends” me, always asks me “Is this THE Leslie Langee?” or “Can this be THE Leslie Langee?” or “Holy shit! THE Leslie Langee?” Now I’ve never been too concerned about my reputation (or lack there of), but I’m beginning to wonder, why the hell is everyone capitalize THE? Did I used to write my name like that? Did I refer to myself in third person? Am I wanted by law enforcement? Perhaps they thought I had died? I dunno, but I’m getting a bit paranoid. Facebook - its got weird all over it!

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