Sunday, November 15, 2009

Filming For Short

I woke up every hour and finally got up at 4:15am. Which was probably a good thing, since I was afraid that the fog would be heavy again.
And unbelievably, the fog was even thicker than it was yesterday.
Today is different though, in that my two kids are with me as well. I cast them as two out of four brothers. I'm a little nervous about having them on set and me being director to them and not Mom, but we've talked about it and they are totally cool with it. Man, I love those kids. They're telling me I rock and how proud they are of me. What's not to love about that?
We got to the location just fine and because of the fog, we had a lot of time to film more exterior scenes and even throw in a few I wasn't sure we'd be able to get. Like the lead actor walking through a field, up to the house, even walking through some cows. And these shots, with the foggy backdrop look stunning!! My DP should win awards with these shots!
The scene with my kids in it went super too. They and all of the cast looked great. Didn't get the dolly shot I was hoping for, but there are lots of other shots that will work really well instead.
Then after lunch, a few more shots and it was a wrap - and clean up and get out of there.
People ask me if I'm super happy, or relieved, or sad it's done, but I'm really just processing it all. I've been so overwhelmed. And I don't feel like I'm anywhere finished. There is still a mountain of work ahead. Just look at what needs to be done in post - editing, music, titles/credits, color correction, sound. Then to get it out the door - put together the pr, submit to film festivals, make copies, get the website up, etc.
So I'm glad the filming is done, but I'm really only half way there.

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