Monday, November 16, 2009

Thieves should rot in Hell!

Woke up feeling exhausted, like I've been running on fumes for weeks. Guess I had, but I was expecting to be full of kick ass energy, ready to jump to the next stage of getting the film put together, not feeling wiped out.
Then got a terrible email from the DP that all of his filming equipment had been stolen out of his house the evening before. My stomach flipped about 5 times and I wondered if I was going to throw up on my keyboard. How dare anyone rip off such a wonderful, talented, sweet guy. Then I broke out in a sweat realizing that all of my footage may not have been down loaded on to my external hard drive. Feeling really felt sick now.
But after a few emails and phone conversations, I was assured that everything was good. But I feel awful for my dp. You never separate an artist from their tools.
Time to help out a friend!

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