Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I never thought getting music would be so anxiety provoking. Perhaps I'm not going about it the right way.

First - I assumed that I'd find just the right song. I didn't.

Second - I assumed I'd find just the right band. And I did! I found a local unsigned band called MilkDrive. They are awesomely talented and have a fantastic style and sound. But after combing through their only CD/Myspace, etc., they don't have any recorded slow songs.

Third - Maybe, just maybe, MilkDrive already has a beautiful, pulls at your heart kind of song, but it's still unrecorded.

Fourth - Here's the tricky part - IF the band has a song that fits the film, in lieu of a payment for the use of their song, I offer to record their song (and video tape them recording it), cut in scenes from my film with their recording footage and turn it all into a music video for them (which would usually cost them $$$$).

Fifth - If this all worked out then, the band would have an awesome music video to put in rotation at any music video television station in the world, a new recording of their song, and because it is attached to my film, hundreds (and more) of people are introduced to their song and the band that made it (Free PR!!).

Yes, there are a lot of "ifs," But I believe in my film, I believe in this band and I believe that this is going to come together.

Wish me luck, I'm going to talk to them soon.

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