Thursday, September 23, 2010

These days I’ve been focused on writing and submitting my short film Eulogy Maker to film festivals, but I am also an actress and a few weeks ago, I was cast as Mrs. Schnabel the Home Ec teacher in ABC’s, My Generation. If you’re unfamiliar with the premise of the show, it’s “an hour long comedy-drama and mockumentary that follows the lives of members of a Texas high school 10-years after they graduated. The fresh new series catches up with a group of young adults whose lives were being filmed for a documentary just before their high school graduation from Greenbelt High School in Austin, Texas in 2000. They realize their dreams didn’t turn out as planned. Takes place in present day with flashbacks from their high school days and years leading up to the present.”
Tonight is the premier of the show and even though I’m not in the pilot, I’m trying hard not to be nervous. I mean, it’s out of my hands, but still, I’m hoping it rocks!
Anyway, I just wanted to post that this shoot was great. I’ve been lucky that almost every job I’ve been on, the cast, crew and director have been pretty nice, but this set was beyond nice. Everyone was super friendly, supportive and really fun. The whole atmosphere was positive and enthusiastic. I loved that Jamie King who plays Jackie Vachs, was fun, easy and gracious to work with in our scene. Then while in hair and make up we talked about her work on these incredible PSA on cancer awareness and my own struggles with cancer. I loved that Sebastian Sozzi, who plays The Falcon, was super fun in our scene with changing things up (and I really appreciated that he invited me to sit at his table for lunch, so I didn’t have to stand there and feel like a dork). And I have to say that I completely loved the director Stephen Fay. He is the nicest, coolest, actor’s director and I would be thrilled to work for him again, anytime and anywhere!
Keeping my fingers crossed that this show will be around for a long time and that my Texas actors and crew friends will get to work on this series!

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