Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Catching Up

It's been a long time since I posted - not sure why. Busy I guess. I went to SXSW in March and met some amazing filmmakers. Then I started working on a short film last summer, that's pretty different that anything I've done before. More like an experimental film. I really love it. I was hoping that it would be ready to submit to Sundance, but that deadline didn't happen, then I was hoping for SXSW and that deadline came and went too. So now I'm stuck in post production, waiting for favors and schedules to open up. Thankfully, I have amazing friends that can kick in some time here and there to help me pull this film together. (I love you, my friends!!!!)

I worked as a filmmaker Liaison last month for Austin Film Festival. Got a badge, hit some parties, took in some films, went to seminars, helped my filmmakers get to their screenings and basically had a pretty fun time. I'm not sure if I'll do it again, but it was definitely worth doing.
Then just last weekend I went to a seminar in LA for learning how to make a feature film on a micro budget. Really good info!
But now I'm back in A-Town, and need to focus on getting this script hammered out. I'm excited about the story, and I think it's do-able on a pretty tiny budget, so I have major motivation. But the story kind of breaks my heart and I hope I'm not going to have my head in the story and be sad all the time.
Will post again soon, but no promises.

(Note: sorry for the poorly written post. Don't have time to polish, and condense. No eloquence here - nope :)

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