Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fantastic Talent!!

Today was my first rehearsal for the film. Finally I got to see what my film family is about and I couldn't be happier! My Michael Conway, my film husband is wonderful, funny and giving as an actor. Already, I hope we can work together on upcoming projects. My film kids Glen and Leslie Powell, remind me of happy tumbly puppies. Eager, excited and full of "now" and running to the future.

The other actors are also so talented.

Anne Nabors, the actress who plays Mrs. Nelson, is so beautiful and graceful, I can't wait to get to know her a little bit more.

Michael Emerson, who has been brought in from NY is absolutely phenomenal. Once I discovered who he was, I was really intimidated to work with him. Within seconds into our scene though that changed and instead of feeling scared I felt inspired. I'll have to tell him sometime that he gave me a little gift without even knowing it. Inspiration.

ahh, I love acting.

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