Wednesday, November 02, 2005

fur bikinis

I just got an audition for a film that was looking for a tall, sexy, strong, Amazon type woman. The role required the actress to, among other things, run around in a fur bikini. I think it might be a very funny film, but for the first time, I turned down an audition. Why?

1. As a friend of mine said, " I hope your ass can do justice to a fur bikini." Let's be honest, I am not a beer commercial type babe. (sweet of my agent to think so though)

2. The role requires running. Fur bikini and running...yes very sexy idea. Me running in a fur bikini? LMAO!!

3. o.k., o.k., let's not forget how mortified my kids would be. I'm a mom. I have a responsibility to not scar my kids for life.

4. hold on a minute, I'm still laughing about it....

The point is, I love to act. I love the creative interpretation, expression, the honesty of the moment. I love the energy on the set, the collaborations, the filming. But I'm not desperate to be in a film.

You get the idea.

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