Thursday, March 02, 2006

trying not to get in the way of myself!

I am lucky, in that I am learning all kinds of things about public relations in the effort to garner publicity for a film I am in, called jumping off bridges, which is premiering at SXSW. I have learned about press releases, I’ve gotten my voice back to talk without feeling nervous and I’m getting my head organized. I’m spending hours on the computer tapping out emails or yammering on the phone. It has been an education to say the least. (not to mention that my typing has gotten damn fast!).

It has been fun to throw myself into it and the girls are truly golden, wonderful filmmakers.

I want to do this so much, but it’s also so damn hard for me. Hard for the actress in me to shut up, sit still and let me learn and grow, without her trying to jump up an say “look at me!”

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