Friday, October 13, 2006

Self Distribution

It’s has been a crazy, long, difficult and enlightening journey of self-distribution for jumping off bridges. The first meeting consisted of us saying “Hell Ya, let’s do it!” and basically we haven’t stopped since.
Kat and Stacy have been doing this 24/7 for months and months. They don’t take no for an answer, ever, and this is in addition to their jobs which actually pay the bills. (Yes, 24/7 and paying jobs. People who work at something they are passionate about and have day jobs know what I’m talking about here.). Tracy also works her ass off to get the word out about this film, get screenings, works various day jobs and still maintains her wonderful enthusiasm and energy.
I do the kids/home/actress routine. When I’m not working with, or to the benefit of raising my kids, or I’m not on set for an acting gig, I’m working on Storie Productions. More and more though, they are crossing over into each other. When I'm on set, I tell everyone about the film and make connections. WHen I'm at home, I find myself grabbing moments to send emails at all times of the day, or I'm shlepping the kids to the post office for mailouts, taking business calls when they're home, or while I’m shuttling them to after school activities.

Fortunately, there are moments where my work and being a mom blend wonderfully. Like when I was talking on the phone to the director of a news program, who could hear my kids practicing their violins (which occasionally sounds like cats in heat) and we ended up laughing through the whole conversation. Or the time an anchor from a tv station called right before one of my kids ran in screaming, with blood dripping down his elbow, which had resulted from his encounter with the sidewalk via his bike. When I called the anchor back, we connected over kids and road rash. Who would have thought.

It really has been a different path lately. Sometimes hard and frustrating but always worthwhile, and exciting. We only have a few more screenings to go and then back to full time pre-production for Brain Brawl and Stacy’s doc and come to think of it, I need to get back to my screenplays.

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