Friday, October 06, 2006

too long to write

I’ve waited too long between posts on this blog. So much happened, that I’m overwhelmed with where to start. How about we settle for some highlights and random thoughts.

1. Storie Productions is kicking major sweet patootie. The word is getting out about the film and the screenings are picking up steam. The San Antonio screening was awesome and the Austin screening was completely sold out. Kat is screening it today and tomorrow in Tallahassee and then next week we’re going to Houston and Nashville. And then on to DC, NY, LA and Atlanta. The chica’s of Storie Productions are working, working, working and the word is getting out. This film is going places and so is this production company. I really believe in it. A plan is forming in my head and it feels right and good.

2. I’m thinking about my unfinished screenplay and I’m wishing I had time to write. I’m hoping my hubby will take the kids for a few hours this weekend so I can dedicate some time to it. But we’ll see.

3. The weather in Austin is beautiful, but the air is full of mold and pollen and only those who are immune to it or are on allergy injections are enjoying it. L

4. I am hopefully going to visit my dear friend in CT in a few weeks. I can’t wait to see her, but I’m going to need horse tranquilizers just to step foot on the plane. Man, I really hate to fly!!!

5. One of my kids recently became a teenager and now the sarcasm and attitude have arrived.

6. I’m still married and that’s a very good thing, as we just celebrated our 19th anniversary. Have I mentioned recently that I really love my hubby!

7. I’m really tired, so I’ll write more later and hopefully it will be sooner than later.

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