Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Party FUN

From all accounts, my holiday party was a huge success. Lot’s of foodie stuff, desserts, cases of wine, candles, fresh garland, hanging lights, live music, laughter, conversations, seeing old (and new) friends and having what seemed like a bazillion kids. It’s a good sign when your guests say they’re dropping by for a quick hello and end up staying the evening. Some folks came in jeans, some in beautiful party dresses. One family came with their twin 2 year old daughters in matching red and white Christmas outfits. Adorable. (Where was my camera?!) The problem though with being a hostess to a party of this magnitude, is that I didn’t get to visit very long with some of my favorite people. The good thing though, is that I have a ton of rain checks for lunches and get-togethers with said favorite people.

When I look back on the party, I think my favorite memory will be the look on the little kids faces, after having snagged enormous slices of chocolate cake. Absolute triumph and glee. I know they couldn’t possibly eat it all, but they acted like they had won the lottery . What’s not to love about that? What’s not to love about a really fun holiday party.

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