Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays, Peace on Earth, Good will to everyone.

Life is a mixed bag and I may be all jumbled up, but I don’t feel bad about it. So I guess that’s all good and good. I did my party and it went really well. Folks are asking me if they can come to next year’s bash. I didn’t know I was doing one next year, but since my hubby said, “ya, plan on it.” I guess it’s going to happen. Would some one please put it on the calendar now and remind me about it in 11 ½ months?

~Happy Holiday’s. Ya they are pretty happy. Like I said jumbled, but happy.

~Peace on Earth. Peace to everyone, in your lives, in your hearts and in your soul. A wish to have peace in your soul. I love that.

~Goodwill to Everyone. This is definitely a good one. How great would it be if we all felt no ill will to anyone. To those we love who inadvertently hurt us, to the drivers who cut us off, to the folks who intentionally hurt us. That would be a learning experience. And would probably lighten the burden of a grudge. Forgiveness should also be included in this batch of well wishes, but put too many things in there and it’s going to sound like a sermon. So perhaps I’ll leave it to those three things: Happiness, Peace and Goodwill.

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