Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Perhaps I jumped the gun a little when I said that summer was officially here. That’s because only one of my kids, had finished with school. Now though, everyone is out and the season can “Officially” begin.

So what do we do now? The routine of school, while not exactly a thrill a minute, provided some stability and academic challenge. Now though, it’s free time. Unstructured, devil may care, la de da, time. Which, after a few short days will inevitably lead to ….massive BOREDOM.

I can hear it now…”Mom, I’m bored….”

To have some adventure, I have set the kids up in a few camps here and there, but mostly, I want them to be bored. I want them to slow down and catch up on sleep. Stop the crazy, higgly piggly , running around like crazy that seemed a constant theme during the school year. I’m looking for a lazy, lazy lazy summer. I’m looking for everyone to just take it easy and be a kid (did I mention that goes for me too?).

I love being a kid.

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