Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good and Good

Is it my new habit of a daily double espresso? Good sleep? Stars aligned just right? Don’t know. But for some reason I’ve been feeling mighty good. Was it that I had a good audition on Friday or that I saw lot’s of acting friends at a mixer Friday evening? Could it have been that on Saturday, my kid made his first ever lay up shot at his basketball game (and the crowd goes wild!!), or that I went to a Gala on Saturday night and had a really fun time? Could it be that I've gotten off my tush and will soon start a script writing workshop and a painting class? Maybe it’s that I’ve gotten a few things done around the house that have been bothering me for months. Perhaps it’s that Bush is finally out and after 8 long depressing years, Americans can finally be proud of our president.

President Obama.

A child feeling great about himself.
Proud parents.
Seeing friends, getting stuff done, writing and painting.

It all adds up to feeling mighty good!

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