Monday, January 05, 2009


The holidays are over, the kids go back to school tomorrow and I'm gearing up for the new year. On my to do list is to get the rough draft put together on a feature I'm writing, work on my film editing skills (or lack there of), get back into the gym ( I would like to go skiing and I'd like to get into shape before hitting the slopes. Otherwise the slopes will throw me down the mountain like a rag doll.), get going on the acting class that will really challenge me, do a decent spring cleaning, be a great friend, do more meditation, practice more understanding and forgiveness in others and myself, be there to help my children grow into well adjusted adults, be a better sister and daughter, help the homeless, work on world peace and end worked hunger. O.K. maybe a little too over the top toward the end of my list. But wouldn't it be pretty cool if it all worked out?
Happy New Year!!

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