Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am not Manic

There are folks who are manic and get lots of things done. Their houses are tidy, they exercise regularly, their bills are paid and they do crossword puzzles. Let me rephrase that, they FINISH crossword puzzles. They prepare meals in advance - days in advance and they desks are never out of order.

I envy manic people - I am not a manic person. Sometimes I have episodes of mania, but I usually end up with lots of unfinished projects. Like when I got all manic-y and wanted to turn the back yard into an oasis of solitude and calm, but ended up with a garage full of potting soil, yard lighting fixtures, and dead plants.

Lesson I have learned - Episodes of mania is not the same as being manic.
If I was full on manic, the bills would be paid, a crossword would be finished and I would have a beautiful back yard to sit in and enjoy right now because the weather has just turned cooler and I want to sit outside now!

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