Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Writing and Un-Writing

This is how I can spend a week not moving forward on my screenplay.
Monday - I'm in a flurry of prose and lay down 10 pages of dialogue for a bar scene. I own it Man!
Tuesday - I reread bar scene and GAH! Real people don't sound like that! So time to rework it. It's now only 7 pages, but it's more concise and to the point. Wednesday - Reread scene again, arrgh. It doesn't make any f**king sense at all. Edit edit. Edit. Now only 4 pages.
Thursday - Reread and wonder, what the Hell am I doing? My wonderful dialogue has nothing to do with the story.
Friday - Zero pages, start over.


  1. Dude! Stop editing yourself so much. Just write. Write and write. And then come back. Don't make me smack your hand, young lady. Stop second guessing yourself.