Sunday, July 03, 2005

hot filming

Very hot work today. No, not that kind of hot, I'm talking about the Texas heat. We were filming in a small house today and between the lights, turning the AC off to film and the outside heat, it was over a hundred degrees. I kid you not. One time I thought I was going to faint, saw spots and everything. I'm talking hot!
Let me put it this way, it was so hot inside that house, that the air outside felt like Spring. Really!

But It was great to work with this group. I am so inspired by working with Michael Emerson, and Michael Conway was always spot on. I don't know Rhett Wilkins very well, but he seems to be very talented and I think he also works in LA. Just a really solid group. Can't forget to mention the crew - Super!

Drove home wishing I did this everyday.

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