Saturday, July 02, 2005

magic and my sister

When I was a child, my older sister created a magical world for me. She has this unbelievable talent to paint and draw and when I was little she would paint these huge murals on the sliding glass doors to our bedroom. There was Leo the lion painted in swirling reds, oranges and browns, Taurus the bull, larger than life, Halloween and pumpkins, even a winter wonderland.

When the itching from mosquito bites would keep me up, she’d take her stuffed magic purple dog and conjure up a magic cream that took the itching away. We would get dressed up in our mothers old performance dresses and pretend the day away. She would sit me down on the counter of the bathroom and put make up on me. I was a fantastic feline (probably a lion, since I loved lions), or sparkling fairy, or any number of mystical creatures. I learned to keep my eyes still at a very young age, so she could put the make up on just right.

And now, whenever I am in the make up chair for a photo shoot or a film, I close my eyes and hold them very still for the make up person. I close them and I’m transported back to being a child and my sister is there, her hands on my face, carefully transforming me into a magical creature.

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  1. I love you kitten, you were the magic.