Saturday, September 13, 2008

Auditions rescheduled

Right now, I should be sitting through auditions for “Ninja James and the Beast Boy” but unfortunately Hurricane Ike will be causing 30 mph winds this afternoon, with possible wind gusts to 50mph. Throw in a little rain and it’s not a scenario I want to put our auditioners through. So, I’ve rescheduled the auditions for two weeks. Why two weeks and not next weekend you ask? Well, because Mr. Spouse and I will have been married 21 years next Saturday and we are going to celebrate our anniversary. (yea! Go Love!)

As for the film, we are getting excellent talent submissions for the cast and I really can’t wait to see everyone. I mean, hey, actors are my thing you now?

To make the best use of our now, very open, weekend schedule, I’m going to take the kids to a shelter, where they can give some of their toys to the children there, and then tomorrow, Kat and I are going to do location scouting.

Of course, in between all of that, I will be working hard to figure out how to get some funding to make this awesome film.

BTW: I’m looking for a restaurant or business that would be cool with donating money or supplies/food to support women film makers and a family friendly action film. Anyone??

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