Sunday, September 14, 2008

CEO, That's me!

I didn’t realize producing would be so very hard. It’s not like acting or directing hard, it stands on it’s own two feet kind of hard. Stacy told me that it’s like being the CEO of a business, and I think that sums it up completely. As a producer you have to know about everything, coming and going. There is just so much stuff to keep connected. But it’s also very fun. I’m meeting really crazy sweet people, doing things I’ve never thought to do before and it’s exciting getting this production off the ground. I absolutely can’t wait until we start shooting. Being on set is truly the icing on the cake. The very bestest part.

Today was location scouting. Hours of slowly driving, driving, driving. Stop. Walk around. Drive some more. Drive, drive, drive.

IT’s funny to drive very slowly. People get very suspicious. J

I’m thrilled to say thank you to everyone that is pitching in to make this film a reality.

That little orange “DONATE” button loves you and so do I!

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